The lyre from the Anglo-Saxon
royal ship-burial at Sutton Hoo,
Suffolk. Reconstruction by
Graeme Lawson 2001, for the
National Trust.
Studies in the
of musical and
other acoustical
Fragments of the
Bergh Apton lyre
The tenor shawm from the
wreck of the English Warship
Mary Rose (1545): facsimile of
the remains and reconstruction
of the instrument by Graeme
Lawson 1984, for the Mary
Rose Trust.
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Since 1979 Graeme Lawson and Cambridge Music-archaeological Research
have been at the forefront of European ancient music research, playing a
pioneering role both in the technical and philosophical development of the field
and in the promotion of sound and music as research themes within British
Cambridge Music-archaeological Research is a multidisciplinary
research project combining scientific and archaeological exploration with
experimental music studies.


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Jew's harp

Copper-alloy frame with part of the steel tongue
remaining. Imaged in 2001 as part of the Cambridge
Music-archaeological Survey
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